This is not a very cohersive read, just some rambling thougths on statement vs essential outerwear vs the rest of the outfit. I'm sure others can frase it better.

Spring is around the corner which means a change in outerwear. It made me take a look at my coats and jackets and I think I have a soft spot in this area.
I have quite a few (too many) and I like them to stand out. I think this is a statement category for me.

When I get indoors and remove my outerwear, I can feel a bit meh about my outfit. A statement bag and/or a scarf could of course do the trick. Jewellery, too, but l don't like to wear a necklace, bracelet or ring there days. How do you keep the fun and happiness in both outerwear and indoors and still look cohersive?

I think there is a link here to the essentials/statement discussion, but I'm not able to put it into words.

Here is a selection. I do have a parka, a yellow loose spring coat, two denim jackets and some other stuff, too. Blazers, super casual and gear are not included.
#1 winter coats and jackets
#2 winter / early spring
#3 spring/early autumn
#4 coats = spring/ summer, jacket late winter/spring
# spring/summer

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