I have never seemed to get my act together and have a decent wardrobe that I enjoy that serves me well. I am someone who gets easily overwhelmed by all the choices, and with a recent move, am reduced to ordering online for the most part, which makes it even harder.

My goal: Minimalist wardrobe for casual lifestyle. I still want to look chic and polished, even if I don't go to an office!

My needs: A set shopping list that features up-to-date styles that are not overly trendy. (i.e. 2 pairs of x-style jeans, 3 ls tops, 2 pullovers, etc - seriously, that spelled out! I need to think in outfits, because I end up with orphans.) Maybe specific item suggestions? Outfits or capsule suggestions? Images to pin or blogs to follow?

My lifestyle: Stay at home mom in rural New England, date nights with girlfriends/husband are to nice eateries in nearby big city - and do not require NYC-level glam (I'm thinking dark jeans, fancy top, unsure of footwear), non-frumpy (!) skirts/dresses only needed for church.

My pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mama.....he-new-29/ Not sure if this helps, but these are the images that resonate with me. I do not seem to be able to translate them into shopping lists, though, for some reason!

I recently upgraded my glasses and sunglasses and got a short sassy cut, so those things are crossed off my list. I also purged more than I should have from my wardrobe, leaving me with literally almost nothing to wear. I need help ASAP to get me started. I have two pairs of AG Farrah skinnies with no suitable tops and only one pair of ballet flats (not crazy about flats with skinnies, but that might be another post).


I will try to post pix of whatever is needed!

Thank you if you have made it to the end of this post - I have been AWOL from posting, but following along from time to time, and enjoying everyone's fashion journey! Now I think it's time I stop watching everyone pass me by and join you all in looking fabulous!