First thing in the holding zone- this Talbot's skirt. Bought in 2017, and only thing I ever bought in there. I decided that year that dark florals would be my solution to spring dressing. I like the print, and it goes with many of my colors- but overall, it's just not my palette. Way too much white.

The fit and fabric are problematic. It's woven so no stretch, and cut so straight at the hip I had to go up 2 sizes, then the waist was loose. I altered it to taper to make it more flattering, more Romantic Classic instead of just Classic.

Last worn early summer last year, when it fit. I don't track wears but certainly over 20. If it fit I'd wear it, but I have 5 other pencil skirts that are stretchy. Those are much more comfortable, and wearable at a large weight range.

Considering offering it to a friend, who seems smaller than me and of stable weight. She's currently laid off from her job as a housekeeper, and said she felt bad she didn't have anything nice to wear to church. She may get some of my other things too.