Happy New Year (Belatedly)

I have been mostly absent from the forum for three weeks due to summer vacation, I have read some posts and commented on many less. I have enjoyed reading many reviews and apologies that comments have been sparse!

I am back home again after some time away, and have made my 2022 plans. We had a lovely break - I did have a nasty fall off my bike and had a long day at ED with two attempts cleaning my hand and in the end stitches from the plastic surgeon. It is on the mend now.


Whilst Covid threw some spanners in the works, 2021 was not my worst year (2016-2017 takes that prize). Our business had some big wins, and my immediate family are all doing well. And from an overall confidence and style perspective, I actually think I had a strong year. This is due to a number of factors - but one of them is the guidance of Angie and the forum. Whilst there is stress in my life (mostly work related at the moment), style and fashion have been a fun distraction and I have honestly stopped worrying if my look is current or flattering or repetitive. If I wear something that doesn't feel right, I tweak it next time.

The numbers

I added 36 pieces in total for the 12 months.

- 14 were sports gear or practical pieces (eg slippers, laptop bag)
- 11 were splurges, experiments or statements (5 Piece French Wardrobe items)
- 9 were essential replacements
- 1 was a new essential.

My wardrobe is up to 101 for clothes, shoes, bags and about 170 if I include active wear, sunglasses, scarves etc.. It has grown mostly due to more footwear and more active wear/sports gear - and less editing as well. I have a couple of pieces that have been downgraded to lounge wear and have been replaced but not yet edited.....I didn't add any scarves in 2021 but have a collection of about 15 pieces that I can't edit down. I also have close to 50 pieces of gear.....

Having a few additional pairs of shoes has made my wardrobe feel more cohesive and fun...I added in three new pairs of shoes in 2021 and only edited one out.

I had lots of shopping successes and I have attached the finds for my top 5 additions (in terms of most wears for the year). There was also a white linen dress added at the very end of December that I have attached the find for - it was perfect for New Years Eve!!


My wardrobe is in good shape, including lingerie and socks and basics. My sports and active wear drawers are full and I doubt will need much updating at all - I am planning more hiking so it is possible that additional layering merinos etc may be needed.

My summer clothing is also in good shape and I don't plan to add anything else for hot weather.

My needs will be for transitional seasons and winter - a new tailored coat, practical lace-up boots that can cope with pavement and fields, a replacement to my grey merino sweater....I am sure there will be more.

Style Direction

I am tweaking my Style Moniker and description to:

Grown Up Charlies Angel - relaxed, elegant and energetic (replacing bold). I do like bold colours, patterns and jewelry, but I think energetic encompasses sportiness, strength and my spirit better.

A do not buy list is helpful for me too.
- no more dressy/party clothes
- no more high summer clothes
- no more active wear tees or gym shorts/leggings
- no more puffed sleeves - I like them (unpopular opinion) but I have three pieces and don't want any more
- no more winter black near my face (trying to keep black to a minimum and have a more vibrant winter palette)

That's about it for now. I have attached a few photos from the last couple of weeks featuring some casual entertaining outfits. And of an aerial display right above us on a perfect summer night. The only new piece is the white dress in the first photo.

Thanks in advance, and comments, suggestions or feedback are most welcome.

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