I had a loong post for this but it keeps crapping
out, so here goes the shortened version.

I loved the formula when Angie posted it and I was only missing a few pieces. I knew it would work well in my climate and lifestyle so I put some effort into getting the pieces that would work for me. Here we go.

Finds 1 and 2: Gentle Souls Us Two sandals in cognac and black. super comfy. Great deal on Amazon when I snapped them up. So far, so good. Way better quality than what I saw in retail given the super Amazon price.

Find 3: I realized I purged all of my "going out" sandals/shoes a few years back (pre-babies) so on a recent trip to Vegas I realized I needed something to wear out and found these at Macy's. Apparently they come in a zillion colors and I've been happy so far. Not gonna get a ton of wear but will be there when I need them and they ARE comfy.

NOT SHOWN: Target Carolyn slip ons in black. Perforated black slip ons with white sole. Jury's out on these. I just don't reach for slip ons like I do ballet slippers, I suppose for the leg lengthening effect. Wanted to give slip ons a try so this was a good, cheap option to try the trend.

FIND 4: VC slogan tee; very thin but I still like it. Good fit. On clearance at Macys $16 couldn't beat it

Find 5: simlar to 4, but still worked for me at BR's 40% off price. comfy and fluid.

Find 6: BR perf top. NOt sure on this one, maybe I needed to size up or wear w/diff bottoms. Like it in theory and price was right - clearance plus extra % off so around 15 usd.

Find 7: ON denim vest, liking it a lot as a 3rd piece and to add STRCTURE to summer outfits.

FIND 8: SUPER IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS! OMG! PERFECT!!! Saw it and had to have it. Was on the hunt for vegas going out dress but wanted someithing age appropriate so this was the winner - at first sight. Seriously perfect on my hourglass/pear shape. Arm coverage. Don't feel like MDAL at ALL. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

How have you updated your S/S wardobe??