I posted about this in the lemming thread but thought I'd keep you posted on my experience. I'll preface this by saying that I love the boot--comfort wise they are everything I expected based on Brooklyn and Diana's reviews. They're gorgeous but man, are they loud. I thought they would loosen up with wear but we're going on several weeks now and they are still so squeaky that I had to take a break from them. (Co-workers have commented that they can hear me coming!) Loosening the laces didn't help so I reached out to customer service asking if there was anything they recommended--I thought about using a leather conditioner but after closer inspection, I wondered whether they were leather. The description on the website says there is leather on the upper but the inside of the black black style says faux fur lining so I'm not even sure they are leather. Anyway, CS said they would start the process for a replacement pair. I haven't had a more recent update but will report back.
@Brooklyn: Thanks for chiming in. I've never had a boot issue like this--at this price point, I wouldn't expect it.