My casual spring/summer shoe capsule is pitiful, a big hole in my wardrobe. Makes me think of Lying Eyes by the Eagles…”…did she get tired or did she just get lazy….”, although that song is not about shoes and I am neither tired nor lazy

It's not quite warm enough for sandals yet (some people are pushing it) but they are what I wear most of the time from June through September here in MA. Pics # 1 - 5 are what I have now, leaving out a few pairs of higher heeled black sandals. Mostly extremely casual or sporty, and mostly well-worn. The cognac woven loafers and ankle boots ( #4 and 5) were purchases earlier in the spring, and am wearing a lot. The boots are unbelievable comfortable. They will be good in the fall too. The two in #1 that look similar are duplicates in tan and black. #5 is tan, not beige as it looks in the pic

My wardrobe these days is denim, black, navy, blue, grey with a little olive/white/beige/tan. I have very low volume feet (probably like yours Angie), can't do any backless shoes, and non-adjustable straps across the instep are usually too loose on me.

After much study I decided that I want to add three types of shoes… classic sneakers, slip-on sneakers, and a cage-style sandal, all more “current/stylish” and all in grey/silver. One gold snuck in.

Pics #s 6-12 are what I just ordered, hoping some of them work out. Would love to hear any feedback.

I can’t remember ever wearing sneakers of any kind except for walking/running and don’t remember the last time I wore metallic sandals so these will all be new adventures!