This year I have been trying to follow the 5PFW system.

For those who don't know it means identifying your essentials, and then allowing 5 additions each season. I lump Spring and Summer together, and Autumn and Winter together so 10 purchases plus replacing essentials as required. I like a balance of statements and essentials, and a few wildcards so I thought this would work well for me. I also wanted to make sure I pushed myself to purchase more for the cooler seasons which I find less interesting.

In 2021 I have added 32 pieces to my closet.

  • 14 are either sports gear, slippers, laptop bag etc - I have grown my gear as I found some gaps over summer so have added extra tees, hiking boots, a second pair of cycling pants, replacement puffer etc... It has been relatively expensive but I feel pretty well set up for a couple of years.
  • 10 are Statements (5 for each season)
  • 7 are replacements of essentials
  • 1 is a new essential - a denim jacket that I didn't have previously (I am wearing it a lot)

The only way I have "cheated" the system is that I still own two of the pieces that I have replaced with new essentials, but as they are on their last legs I thought it was wise. I have also changed my essentials gradually - tee shirts have pretty much been replaced with woven tops. For example a short sleeve navy tee is now a short sleeve woven navy top and my long sleeve navy tee was replaced with a dark denim shirt. My Lululemon On the Fly pants are still worn, but I have added some Paige Christy Joggers in olive - I am slowly getting rid of black outside gear, work and evening. It takes a while and I am not committing to getting rid of 100% but I am enjoying a lighter palette.

For spring/summer my 5 additions are
- crazy olive/blush/black pants
- Veja Venturi sneakers
- floral MLM wrap dress
- floral blue dress
- floral blue blouse

For spring/summer the essential replacements are
- Paige Christy Olive joggers
- new hat
- blush long sleeve blouse
- striped sweatshirt/long sleeve tee

The new essential is the denim jacket.

I am looking for a new tank or tee basic top too but want to see one in person- retail has just opened here. I have been looking for sandals but there is a lot of tan - and I already have two tan options. And since life is VERY restricted currently, there is no rush. I want to support local to my city retailers for the rest of the year so I will see what I come across - and they may become a Christmas gift....

I am mostly in a very happy place with my wardrobe - it is organised, it works for my real life, I love everything in it. But I have slight regrets over two of these additions.

  • the blush blouse is feeling very soft and a bit floppy on me. I bought it for the beach but have tried to wear it three other ways casually and it hasn't felt right. I will leave it until the heat of summer and wearing with denim shorts when it will come into it's own.
  • the blue floral dress is yet to be worn - I will wear to work from home on a hot day - there are no dressy occasions happening. Since I have added the other floral dress plus a navy one in winter I have indulged in dresses that are not needed right now.
Definitely keeping the Veja - they feel right for life at the moment - lots of casual work and outdoor activities.

I do have some crossover with my gear as well so will post those finds below. Some of the pieces are purely worn for workouts or bike rides, but some get mixed in.

No WIW today - feeling a bit bedraggled with bad hair and a grey old day outside.

Comments, feedback, questions are welcome.