Somehow, it has been quite a long time since I've posted (it's been a very unusual winter, to say the least!), and I am long overdue for posting about recent purchases.

I keep track of everything in Finds. Here are collections of purchases since the last time I posted (apparently in JULY!):


March isn't over an I have two new pieces on the way, both inspired by YLFers: Angie's white booties and Irina's cropped white jeans (in Finds below).

This is almost a year of dressing - wow! - and almost two years since I started posting on YLF: what a great influence you all have been on helping me to clarifying my spending and my style.

I continue focusing on functional, foundational basics in a restricted palette. I have zero patience for things that are fussy or uncomfortable, and value lovely, washable fabrics that are soft and appealing. I have become a uniform mood dresser: jeans and a top almost all days, but with enough variety in those items and silhouette to be able to pull together something different each morning that feels perfectly, genuinely me. I add interest with footwear, dainty jewelry, and outwear.

By the numbers, October and December were the months when I made the most purchases, but throughout these items, I include gear and loungewear, as well as basics, where I made greater investment this year because of more time at home and outdoors: that has been a welcome change and a silver lining.

Top purchases have to be (...also in Finds):
- Lulu Lemon beanie (such a great color and fabulous material that could work in the city and on the trails: I wore it ALL winter)
- Uggs slippers (wearing them as I write this, and a totally luxurious addition to my WFH situtaion)
- Oxblood Blundstones (which I purchased with the help of YLFers like La Ped, and which have been totally indispensable in the late winter/early spring sleet, slow, ice, rain, sun)
- Emerson Fry cotton sweater (something I coveted for a long time and about which I am so glad I took the plunge: I barely take it off at the moment)

Unfortunately, the latest fabrication/sizing of my favorite, many-years repeat-purchased J Crew skinnies (also in Finds) is a little off this time: the length is just a little shorter and the waist is just a little bigger, meaning that they are just fussy enough for me to be looking for something else. End of an era! If any of you have suggestions for a fairly dark-wash, high-waisted, slightly-stretchy skinny ankle jean that is not too skinny at the ankle (a lot of needs, I realize!), please let me know!

And if you've gotten this far: thanks for reading!