Note to self and others : make sure you are logged in before hitting submit. If you aren't, the post you spent the afternoon writing and editing while doing a major wardrobe overhaul disappears. I guess I was eventually kicked out after being logged on all day ? Maybe it was a sign that such self-absorbed drivel was not fit for public consumption? Ah - I actually enjoyed taking my time writing and correcting and changing and editing while I worked in my bedroom cleaning and sorting , so here goes , again. Not half as well written though

April 1 seemed like a good day to start a complete Spring wardrobe evaluation and purge. The weather is now consistently warm enough to make heavy dark boots and sweaters feel completely wrong. Funny how that can happen in a day.

The motivation:
1. an increasing and strengthening desire to minimize - and not just my wardrobe. I want less, not more - of everything . I want to love and use everything , and not have pieces sitting taking up space because I might wear them someday. I am unhappy and feel stressed when there is too much of anything around me. I need order and space.
2. a commitment to a reduced budget and less spending in general.
3. coming to terms with my emotional issues surrounding shopping , clothes in general , and body image - and being mindful of how these factors are intertwined and affect my happiness. *disclaimer: I am nuts and I know it. I have serious body issues and although I understand where they come from, dismissing them has proven difficult. I buy things to fill some emotional hole, and usually it doesn't work. It did when I liked how I looked and could wear anything off of the rack , and when trying on clothes was a pleasure and filled with potential and discovery. Now, it's a dreaded nightmare. This is an issue to deal with - and won't be "fixed" overnight.

The steps:
1. NO SPRING shopping until I have looked at every piece in my wardrobe and assessed its status.
2. Stick to my 5-piece list for the season . If I don't find it- I won't substitute . I'll live. I'll consider it a learning experience for next season .

Notes and thoughts:

1. I have FAR TOO MUCH in the way of spring and summer footwear. Aside from the pair of pale blue suede block heel sandals I found that are on my group-of-5 , and the pleasant surprise of a pair of black suede tie-up block heels (see below) there will be no new shoes. I do need a new pair of running /training shoes and will be asking DH to make that my very-much-appreciated June birthday gift. I will be gritting my teeth tomorrow and reducing my collection by half . If I can't see them , I don't wear them. I have little closet and storage space in my house , and need to respect that and work within its confines . eta: I did buy the black suede pair below in finds. I wore them 3 days in a row this past week, and if I had a dollar for every comment and compliment I got on them, they would have been free. Because they are so comfortable and fit right in to what I am wearing right now, I broke with plan and bought them. I'm not sorry about doing so even though they weren't an identified need , and this furthers my opinion that shoes need to be refreshed so often it's not worth having ones that don't get worn out fast enough.
2. I have 867 pair of GAP jeans in all washes and sizes and styles. I don't do premium denim because my weight fluctuates too much to justify the investment. When I am experiencing body issues and /or gaining/losing weight , jeans are the first thing I buy . I wear them almost every day , and like to stay current with them, but also don't feel the need to jump on every trend. I now have enough released hem and cropped kick flares to float the ARK. I have zero interest in staggered hems, mom jeans, embroidery etc, and will manage just fine without adding to my collection this season. I'm also really over the distressed look, and while I'll still wear what I have right now for casual days , I won't be buying anything new . I put at least 6 pair into the donate pile today and hope to winnow it down further. I suspect that my smaller sized days are over - out go the jeans that no longer fit . And WHY am I continuing to buy flared jeans when I don't even like them on me?? I found two pair with tags on that I have no recollection of buying. I see them on a mannequin looking all cute and 70's-like and buy them , forgetting I am not 5'8" and a size 2. STOP DOING THIS.
3. I have too many t-shirts and knit tank tops. For years , they have been my go-to for wearing with shorts, and under blazers for work. I also had some misguided notion that I should buy any white/grey/black tank or t that fit because they were a staple and would always get worn. Well they don't. I need two of each , max, not 5 . I'm also more aware of how inherently unflattering loose fit t's/tanks are on my body. It's not a great look on bigger breasted, short waisted bodies, so I'm committed to sticking to my goal of finding silky/poly loose fitting blouses with perhaps a cap or short sleeve, maybe a tie neck , maybe a button front for work. T's can be for yard work or for super quick errand running . I need to find a better substitute for an everyday top.

4. while packing up my winter clothes, there were at least 7-8 sweaters that were either unworn , or worn only once or twice this winter. This is ridiculous and a waste of space and resources. By putting them away until next fall, am I ignoring what needs to be done now ? None of them were 10's and I guess that's what the problem is: if it isn't perfect, I won't wear it. Also into the donate pile went trendy pieces like skirted leggings. I didn't wear them this winter - probably due to body issues - but also because it's a look that had no relevance . DO NOT buy more than one piece of a trendy item , Lisa. Grr. Lots of faux leather leggings and pants were packed away unworn too. Not sure where this look will go, but by next winter, if I'm not feeling it, I may be donating my collection .

5. I have a TON of jewellery and am at a loss as to what to do with it. I love jewellery and despite having access to 3-4 lines through my job, I continue to buy it. It always fits, doesn't make me feel bad about myself , and there is always something new to try. I will admit to being more trend-focused when it comes to jewellery but on the other hand, my ideal is to have a pared-down collection based on pieces that have some meaning to me not just bought at 30% off when BR or CM has a promo. I probably have between 50-75 necklaces hanging on the back of my closet door where I can neither see nor access them easily, and boxes of bracelets I forget about when picking pieces to finish an outfit every morning. I need a solution to this problem - and I think a major, major cull is in order tomorrow. I ran out of gas for this project today.

6. I have too many bags. As much as I love bags, I don't find I use more than a few each season. Like shoes, I would like to only have what I can wear out or get sick of, over 2/ maybe 3 seasons. Bags don't date quite as quickly, but I do find shoes do and I have scads of perfectly good , hardly worn shoes and bags that are a few years old that I do not want now. Having that much money tied up in "stuff" that isn't critical to my day-to-day dressing doesn't feel responsible or ethical . Another bag purge will happen tomorrow - and my new goal is to only own what I can wear, and wear out. Classics, of course, are exempt from this . I have a few designer pieces I will hang on to - even though I don't use them often.

7. There is a dearth of bottoms in my spring and summer work wardrobe, and I'm not sure what to do about it. Budget commitments and a real lack of fashion-forward dress pants in stores are my challenges. I do not want to wear jeans for work meetings in the summer ; in winter it was easier to get away with , but now? NO. This is probably my biggest challenge this season, and any ideas here are more than welcome. BR seems to be the only pants resource here, and I don't have the emotional strength to try on 5 different cuts over 3 sizes trying to see what works. Am I alone in hating fitting rooms and trying things on ? What interesting new and edgy pants are you all wearing for work this spring ?

So until next time, dear diary, xo.

Thoughts, eye rolls, head shakes, referrals to therapists - it's all welcome.