My Spring/Summer shopping started with a focus on finding a few key items: 1. Trench Coats 2. Flats 3. Belts. In April I traveled to Michigan where I impulsively purchased a longer length oversized denim blazer. Blazers have created frustration for me because of fit issues, and they also have brought up mixed feelings from the past. I attended public school, but my mother insisted that I wear blazers. She apparently chose blazers because they look polished, and made me look respectful and possibly studious. She hoped to cultivate that aura since she believed I had a very high energy character with the potential to create havoc. I also suspect she read somewhere that you should dress your child for the role you want for them in the future! I laugh when I think about it, but clothes do make a first impression, and I was a good student so I am not going to argue with her now. In any case, I really like my new denim blazer and have been wearing it frequently. It has triggered a bit of a sea change in my style. I ended up purchasing several more blazers for Spring and summer. I added matching trousers for a few of them. It’s a dressier and more polished look, but I am liking it at the moment. I believe I showed pictures of three of the blazers in one of my posts. They were all fairly neutral...denim, light blue, and navy blue. I also bought a lavender blazer and a sky blue blazer. I have added a few nice tank style tops to wear with them, but not many. I find that I am wearing them and enjoying them all, and they have been a perfect addition to my style. They feel sleek, and easy in a shopping world full of Boho, frills and ruffles, which is very much not my style. (Small ruffles and a few are okay, but not a lot)

I am trying to switch my shoes over to flats for several reasons, mostly for the practicality, but also to protect my spine since I have moderate arthritis. I focus on certain colors of footwear, silver, grey, navy, and deep reds. Last summer I gave two pairs of blue loafers to DD’s best friend because of frustration over the ankle slippage and vowed to replace them if I encountered something better. Nordstrom had a pair online, made by the Office of Angela Scott, which have turned out to be THE most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I have purchased a small fortune’s worth of their shoes made on the same last as the loafers. They are pricey, and it was unexpected, but my feet and back will thank me. Many thanks to the Office of Angela Scott! My new favorite shoe!

I added more to two color capsules that I started last spring, blush and lavender. I have blush jeans, and added a nice swing jacket, and some tops. I have the lavender blazer, but also added trousers, and a coordinating top, plus some fun lavender Vans. I also purchased a lavender and white tie dye tee.

As many of you know, I found two trench coats. I am very happy with the navy Burberry and Lavender Hobbs. The Hobbs is at my tailor right now getting the sleeves lengthened, she was a bit worried that the seam at the end would not press out, but I think it will be fine. She often raises the worst case scenario just in case so people will not be disappointed if there is a problem. I have been wearing the Burberry, since no tailoring was necessary. I was a little surprised at how much I liked the navy. I have very few dark items in my wardrobe. I have my Rag and Bone gilet, and a dark eggplant leather jacket, and a couple of dark cardigans. I decided to redo my colors using Elea Blake’s color drapes. It was fun, and a bit of a surprise. Almost every single blue, including the most dark worked well for me. I liked the process because it created a palette unique to me, and not only placing me in a single category, like light summer.

Belts....yes, I found three belts that I like. Two are for belting dresses and blazers, and one is a grey belt with silver hardware for jeans. I am still looking for a navy belt with silver hardware...

I added two new pairs of glasses frames to my collection. One is a dark bluish grey and one is a light blush with mint green. I retired three pairs, but have kept my favorite turquoise and clear round plastic frames in the mix.

Finally, I am growing out my hair which has mostly been pixie length since I was a kid. My stylist says it will take a while because it has been layered. I just had my fourth cut since I started, and she said this will be the worst because my hair needs to grow down over my ears and it’s an awkward stage. We are aiming for a modified bob, so I can pull it back if I want, or wear it down. So far I am getting positive feedback on the length, and it hasn’t been too hard to maintain.

I am taking a shopping hiatus for now unless I find that navy belt. My wardrobe is in a good place. I feel happy with my style.