I completed a careful wardrobe assessment. Even though I have plenty of clothing, I want to add some pieces to keep things current and fresh. I wanted to share my thoughts and get your feedback:

1. Texture: My garments lack texture. I mostly have flat weave blouses and knits. I can create some texture by layering. How can I add softly textured textiles to my wardrobe and maintain the integrity of my style? My first thought was perhaps some eyelet, or lace? Ribbed material? Ruffles? (Are ruffles too twee, feminine or romantic for me?) Translucent chiffon layered over something else? Textured items need to be fairly monochromatic or they will become too busy and distracting for my taste and style.

2. Dresses: I want to add some "work appropriate" dresses to my wardrobe. I wear dresses 2-3 days per week in the spring/summer. The difficulty is defining "work appropriate". I would not say that typical business appropriate is the definition I use. My definition has included both more casual and more formal attire. I'm thinking some pattern as well as color would be nice. Texture would be an added bonus.

3. Jeans update: 1. High rise, straight leg, cropped jeans - An Angie suggestion; high rise version being my favorite at the moment. 2. Some boot/flare leg jeans - there must be a pair for me somewhere!

4. Shoes: Confession, I don't need any shoes. I just want some! I thought it would be nice to look for something colorful.

Below are some items I have found that may fulfill my requirements. What do you think? ( I know there are a lot of white tops, but I couldn't find texture in colors that were in my wardrobe, only the neutrals, except the two pink dresses).