Sneaks are DELISH, and the skirt outfit is FABULOUS. I love the low contrast footwear in that look, La Ped. Pretty.

Wide crops look super cute too.

Love the skirt outfit and these lighter colors. The Uniqlo sweater looks so much better IRL on you.

I was eyeing that Uniqlo sweater but didn't act fast enough, it's sold out in my size. It looks sooooo good on you! Love the jeans on you too, they fit perfectly! I agree with your footwear preferences - sneakers and combat boots. I got this pair of Doc Martens for work. They are quite a conversation starter. They were a bear to break in but they go the distance 7 hours on your feet without a break. I tell my customers they are a mid-life* crises shoe, cheaper than a convertible or a younger man.

*technically I'm now past mid-life so maybe I should say a senior not mid-life crisis.

Thanks all!

Cocolion, those Docs are great! As a child of the 90s, the ditsy-floral Docs really spark my nostalgia.

The Uniqlo 3D knits are really nice -- I highly recommend them. There's a cocoon dress version of this sweater that I'm finding terribly tempting. (Greyscale -- I only have a find for the green, but the dress comes in black!)

These are all wonderful! I'm so tempted to try the jeans. Love them on you. They seem to fit perfectly. (Love that Uniglo tee, too -- it's fabulous.)

I also adore the blush shoes. So pretty with the skirt outfit.