This year, I am planning to lighten up my colour palette and make more preloved purchases. Thanks to a strict shopping list and Brexit, I have been able to add 3 new pieces that should work well with my wardrobe and help extend the use of my current pieces.

Both scarf and jumper are preloved, the chino were a M&S surprise find, hopefully the weather will get warmer and I'll be able to wear them! It's a straight cut and I went for a loose fit and the colour is just lovely!

Lastly, the neutral sandals are on the fence as I am waiting for some pictures from the seller, but I am hoping they will be my next purchase. I am keeping my finger's crossed as I really love that retro look and they seem to be very comfy!

On the plus side, I used the last three months to review, replair and replace various pieces in my wardrobe: a cashmere cardi has now a new lease of life thanks to suede elbow patches, my house slippers have been repaired more than once, few buttons have been replaced to revamp a blouse, my black jeans look new thanks to black die and finally I replaced my beloved navy jumper. The old jumper is now a little cushion for Tiger, who's been enjoiying very much.

I find the slow process in repairing, mending and replacing very gratifying and far less stressful than shopping under Brexit, which is a nightmare! I am curious to hear if any other fellow fabbers are having similar challenges. The idea of travelling to Europe to shop the remaining pieces in my shopping list is becoming more and more appealing, we'll see.

How about you, how is your shopping going this year? It'd be interesting to know how 2021 is developing, hopefully in a positive way