The weatherperson can't quite make up their mind yet what conditions we can expect in NYC next week, so my plan will probably continue to be tweaked over the next couple of days.

Planning for at least some rain, and so far it looks like conditions could range from high teens C and sunny to low teens with chances of rain.

Because my feet come first, I am prioritizing practical, comfortable footwear. To go with this, I'll be aiming for a chill urban street style look. I figure the blazer will help dress things up when needed.

The footwear plan is at least partly set. I've heard and appreciate the advice to add a third pair, but I'm just waffling a bit on which to choose.

  • New white Saucony walkers with a reasonably new Sole insole for the bulk of the daily walking. (Hopefully in dry conditions, but I have sprayed the leather to help protect against showers.)
  • Old black Blundstones. Getting a bit run down at the heel, but they will hold up reasonably well in wet conditions and pass as slightly dressier when big white dad sneakers might be too much.
  • For the third pair:
    • One option is a new pair of New Balance runners in black/white.
    • Ecco Soft 7s -- I have white or bronze. This would give me one slightly refined footwear options, but the New Balance give a second very supportive walking option, so I am still waffling a bit on this front.
    • I've also briefly considered the yellow Doc Martens, but they would be a beast to pack and no way I want to wear them through airport security!! I do like them with the wider leg jeans I just picked up and a day's test walk in them yesterday was reasonably successful...

Colour palette might be shifting - black, white, blue, yellow, charcoal with maybe a hint of green. Might sub brownish tan for the charcoal at the last minute.

I wanted to limit to three bottoms total but might toss in a pair of fleece leggings, too.

  • Black and white pinstripe wide leg pants
  • Charcoal Zara cargo sweatpants (MIGHT switch these out for the brown nylon pants -- might depend on forecast)
  • Black fleece lined Mondetta leggings (in case I need warmth and for lounging around at the hotel)
  • Jeans - deciding whether to stick with an existing pair that kind of pass for boyfriend or test drive a new pair of wider leg dark wash crops. (Neither pair in finds below are the exact pairs -- just close approximations)

I have some narrowing down to do in this department.

  • Black merino turtleneck
  • Black ss t-shirt in case of a warm day
  • White ls t-shirt
  • Yellow souffle-knit (?) pullover
  • Black soft knit boat-neck pullover
  • Ivory fleece hoodie
  • Green merino pullover

If there's a lot of rain I wonder if I might need more than one waterproof outerwear option -- although packing multiples does seem like overkill...

  • Black quilted puffer. Not the ideal shape for the "cool girl" pants, but it's water and wind repellent and it has a hood, so a good option if days are cool and rainy. Will work fine with jeans, leggings, or wide-leg trousers.
  • Also considering tossing in an olive green anorak-type rain jacket. Lighter weight than the black so good for warmer days. Still has a hood, which can be a bonus in real rain.
  • Short black packable puffer (maybe overkill, but it is good for layering and I like it with the sweatpants...)
  • Blue checked menswear blazer.

Subject to change, but top contenders here...

  • Bright yellow floral scarf that screams SPRING DAMMIT!
  • Blue/green/yellow abstract scarf
  • Blue/white/brown silky scarf
  • MAYBE one scarf with leopard or snakeskin print
  • Gloves
  • Thrifted faux pearls
  • Thrifted white/silver necklace
  • Large white hoop earrings
  • Navy or light blue baseball cap
  • Umbrella!
  • Black nylon crossbody bag

ETS photos showing the olive rain jacket, the blue checked blazer and the yellow sweater and scarf.

This is more than I had originally intended to bring, but variable weather does tend to demand more options, I suppose. Have I made any glaring omissions? Anything redundant/overmuch?

If it's raining, I will have an easy excuse to head indoors for lots of shopping....

Thanks for looking!

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