This year's goal is to finish working on a core wardrobe so that after this year, I never have to buy a ton of things at once again to fill gaping holes again for the foreseeable future. This is everything I'm considering so far for the spring. There are a few items I'd like that I haven't collected yet but are on my radar:

* White jeans
* Flared pants
* Light denim
* Olive cargo pants
* Navy shoes & bag
* A perfect spring dress
* Black cropped pants
* Black culottes

It's not like I'm starting COMPLETELY from scratch, but I'm in sore, sore need of more neutrals, more choices for bottoms, more shoes, and more SOLID tops (I'm a bit of a pattern fiend, but patterned tops aren't so good for mixing and matching when you have to be in exactly the right mood for any pattern mixing). The main colors I wanted to go with, besides neutrals, are tomato red, cobalt, and pastel blue. I also want to add more blush because all I have is a bag, hence the skirt. Adding white as a neutral is a huge priority because I'm lacking light neutrals, and I thought olive and cognac would be good for me in small doses. (Olive doesn't love me, even though my eyes are olive green. Life isn't fair.)

This is probably the best I've ever done actually planning what to buy. I'm on a really tight budget so I'm looking to get as much bang for my buck as I can. I will, by no means, be able to buy everything in this collection (unless anyone has found a winning lotto ticket and is willing to share?).

In case you're wondering, my favorites on the list (the ones that I saw and immediately fell head over heels in LOVE) are the blue moto jacket, the floral pants, the saddle shoes (especially after I showed my capsule in progress to my Mum and she told me she had a pair just like them growing up!), the olive pants, and the cognac booties and color block bag. The yellow sweater is a major wildcard because I pretty much never wear anything yellow, but that one is the PERFECT shade of it and I think it'll go with a lot. Who knows? I might end up being a Team Yellow convert if I buy it and love it.

So what I need from all you experienced YLFers is this:

1. Suggestions of things that are missing from this capsule and my above list.
2. Which items you think would be the most VERSATILE. I'm talking good for color mixing, good for different silhouettes, tops that can be worn well with pants or skirts, etc.
3. How'd I do? Just in general? The concept of capsules is relatively new to me. I've been a YLF reader for 2-3 years now but this is the first time I've been in a good enough financial position to actually plan a seasonal capsule of this size.

Thanks if you read all that, and double thanks if you're willing to help me assess my shopping list!