This is a follow-up on my previous post on this topic. After defining the themes and their juxtaposition, the next step is adapting it all to my own preferences.

I am starting with the overall color palette. Here is likely the biggest departure from the theory. "Modernica" is all built around red, white and blue; however for myself I will be turning it into purple, white and blue! I don't have nor wear much true red, it is a color I like but don't love as much as burgundy or purple. I also really want to focus on "digital lavender" and other purples. Even if red seems to be trending, especially for fall, and I will likely work on adding more then; I am not in the mood for shopping for red right now. I do have a couple of red pieces that will work well with the theme, and I intend to wear them, but those outfits will be the exception and not the norm. Red will not be officially in my spring palette. Similarly to red, darker/kelly green characterizing "Modernica" won't be in the palette either, though will likely show up in several outfits.

Like every spring for me, the two main neutrals will be navy and shades of white/cream. This spring I am adding light/silvery greys as the third/accent neutral, and it's metal equivalent, silver. I am looking for a pair of clean wide leg cargos in a taupe/mushroom color, and if I get them, those will be added as well, as a single piece in this neutral. In terms of colors, the main two will be all the shades of clear blues (not blue-greens) and purples, from light pastels, through mid-tones and even some darks. The third group will be pinks, blush and rose for the "Romance" part of the theme, and brighter/darker ones, including magentas and fuchsias with blue undertones for "Modernica" theme. Finally, as an accent, there is a touch of pale lemon yellow. I have attached the photos for the colors: I will employ the full range for blues, purples and pinks, and just the middle lightest shade for yellow.

In terms of putting the colors together, I'd like to especially focus on color-blocking, which is a characteristic for "Modernica", example photo #5, as well as tonal columns of color, especially in blue and purple: Ensemble: Tonal Column of Colour. There will be some nautical color combos, too.

When it comes to patterns, my absolute favorite from "Modernica" is lots of plaids and checks, with stripes in the 2nd place. Since I enjoy pattern mixing, I envision mixing those two with florals from the "Romance" theme - there will be likely lots of "plaid & floral" mixes.

Regarding textures/fabrics, I envision lots of tweed and cotton eyelet, which features in both themes. I have linked this post to my eyelet collection, which is substantial, and mostly in white or blue. After the recent huge wardrobe edit, some of the older eyelet items are on "probation", how much I wear them during this spring when there is every reason to wear them a lot, will decide if they stay or go during the next edit.

On shapes/silhouettes: I am mildly obsessed with full length wide pants this year and want to wear them a lot. Also the cropped versions, but those have been around for a while. My single purchase so far (in January, in Finds), is a pair of navy wide leg pants from J. Crew, which will serve as the most essential of essentials. My favorite combination will be with short jackets, based on recent formula post: Outfit Formula: Wide Pants and Short Jacket; but I envision a few others, too. I will likely post separately in the near future on various formulas with wide pants. Since I have several pairs of pants that fit the theme beautifully in terms of colors, patterns etc. except the shape - they are either flare or classic trousers, I will wear those as well, so that is another theme adaptation. And of course, lots of midi skirts and dresses, mainly with short jackets, too. When it comes to tops, there will be lots of cotton poplin shirts and ribbed knits, as well a polo collars. Additionally, some romantic blouses, too. I also plan to play a little with some of the looks inspired by Tory Burch I posted yesterday, with addition of "cummerbund"-like shot of color at the waist, achieved with wearing tube tops at the waist.

Since a lot of these items are modern classics, I am pretty well stocked and don't need to shop much or at all, but would still like a couple of well chosen new pieces. My wishlist (first three for "Modernica", the others for "Romance") is (some shown at the bottom of Finds):
1) A short tweed jacket: In the Finds you will see the navy bomber I will order soon and a purple version I really like. Don't know if I will go for the 2nd one too.
2) A cropped boxy striped shirt: will likely order the purple version from Gap, but really like the J Crew blue one, too.
3) One more pair of full length wide pants. There are several options here: cobalt to go with some jackets I already have, textured blue that looks like fake denim, or blush for more romance. Haven't made up my mind yet.
4) A sheer top/blouse. Will likely go for the blush mesh version from Express, as this is not an item I want to invest in.
5) One or two items in pale, mid-to large pastel florals. Ideally the florals should be abstract or water-colory, on white or blush background. Strong preference for silk chiffon or similar. Possible garments: blouse, midi dress or midi skirt. Yes, I know, I am very specific, so chances of finding what I'd like at reasonable price point are low, so far I have only found nice pieces at designer price points (Erdem, Zimmerman). I have other florals that work for this theme, mainly on navy or blue background, so I am pretty set on finding what I described here.

In terms of shoes, I am also well covered, so I am allowing myself a single shoe addition. It will probably be these lavender mary-janes, if they are comfy. I would like a pair of silver slingbacks, too, but that will likely not happen.

Edit: Just realized I forgot one important addition. While moto jackets do not feature in either of the two themes, I love them and have several, both in leather and fabrics that colors wise would work great with the theme, so they are being included, too. They should add a little edge and a contemporary touch.

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