So this year, actually the last year and a half have been really tough. I'm thinking about splurging on a beauty advent calendar.
My current life doesn't necessitate new clothes or shoes.
Beauty advent calendars are apparently more of British thing, and I only learned about them in the last few years. I grew up with the standard chocolate advent calendars given to me by Dad, so I have found memories of the concept.
Supposedly the end all be all of beauty advent calendar's is done by Cult Beauty, but that's already sold out. Harrod's and Space NK also sold out. Some companies that did them last year aren't doing them this year.
I'm thinking of ones with less make-up, as I basically live in masks.
So here are the ones I'm looking at: And yeah they're very pricey. There are a lot of cheaper options (even Chapstick has one!) if you're inspired to give one
Net-a-Porter (find didn't work)
Liberty (looks like fun and pretty)
Elemis (single brand I've used some of their products, but hesitant to get one, but also pretty)