After reading couple of posts about holiday dressing I came to realization that I am not very well prepared for special occasions. Actually only two times in my life I went shopping for special occasion - once was for my high school graduation dance, and second time for my own wedding. All the other special occasions in my life - and there were many - like high school reunions, weddings, dinners with prominent figures, big birthday and holiday parties etc. - I never did any shopping - I always thought that I can wing something from my current wardrobe. Well, my approach had various degrees of success, few times borderline disastrous and I regretted not been more appropriately dressed.
I always kind of thought because those occasions were far apart and my weight fluctuations are big factor, that buying something to wear once is kind of waist.

I am curious to hear about your experiences and habits. Do you shop in advance to have it ready when occasions arise, do you shop before the specific occasion or are you like me, and just try to make special occasion outfit out of your every day clothes. If you bought something special, were you able to wear it more often than you thought you would? Or have you regretted buying it?