Thanks to Angie’s shoe recommendations, I finally have flats that I can wear for hours.

I can’t believe the number of flats I’ve bought then given up on. Comfort brands and designer ballet flats were equally bad. But it really seemed like I should have some flats. They’re perfect for conferences, interviews, etc.

We all have ‘weird’ feet in some ways. My short, square toes don’t keep flats on; the high bump on my instep hurts in maryjanes; flexible soles exacerbate an old dance injury; etc.

So here are the winners, the first flats I’ve owned and worn as daily wear without regrets.

1. Paul Green ‘Margo’ x-strap flats. Everyone here bought these last summer. The rigid sole makes a huge difference. The arch support is comfortable. The straps hold them in place. I had to size up, and my toes rub too much by the end of a day, but these are solid. Perfect with ankle trousers.

2. Free People ‘Royale’ flat. I loved the asymmetry but I wasn’t expecting these to be so comfortable. In fact, I had a very similar pair of flats from (I think) the same manufacturer (but labeled as Sixtyseven) and they were a flop. Not these. The higher vamp keeps them on my foot but it isn’t tight over my instep bump. I was able to size up (since they stay on securely) so my toes and heels don’t rub at all. Again, the rigid sole helps. I wore these for hours of walking yesterday, and all day today including my walk to and from the subway (usually I wear dressier shoes only when I drive to work). Win!

Now I have to get in the habit of wearing these more. I’m saving the Paul Green shoes for nicer occasions but I shouldn’t keep them totally unworn.

Anyway, thanks to Angie and others for finding these!