Shannon's post on her bone and silver shoes got me thinking about my Sofft Bernias.

As you all know, I have worn these sandals literally every day since they arrived in June. And -- as is usual for me, when it comes to walkable sandals -- they are definitely showing signs of wear. This is no poor reflection on the shoes. You have to understand -- I WALK in these babies, often 5 miles a day or more. And sometimes I get caught in the rain. So. Yeah. They are not pristine any more.

It's Austerity August and I have not shopped except for a pair of gear running shoes (on sale) -- which I assume does not count since I do not wear for fashion.

Would it make sense to duplicate the Bernias?

Oh -- and CAN I? I have searched in vain for my size (7B) and colour (anthracite).

I am even wondering if a 6.5 might work in the C width...that's how much I love these shoes.

Then again, if they are this popular, maybe Sofft will come up with something similar next year.