As you all know, I have a difficult time choosing colours! I like all three of these colours for the Primaloft coat below (top row of Finds), and I'm debating which one would have the greatest utility. Unfortunately, they are out of stock at my local LLBean, so I cannot go try them on in person. At first I thought I was torn between navy and black, but the more I consider it, the more I like the idea of a lighter brown, especially since it has a bit of a sheen to it. But it's hard to know with that colour if it will skew more brown or grey, lighter or darker, IRL.

My main goal in adding some long but lightweight jackets and coats is to expand my "outerwear to go with leggings" options for cool-but-not-cold hikes, dog walks, etc. Current leggings are olive/black, solid black, and dark floral. I'm sure I'd wear it with jeans and such too. Fall/winter footwear is mostly black, plus some chocolate, oxblood, and olive. My other puffers are both navy (one shorter and lightweight, one longer and heavier), so maybe I can narrow it down to black vs taupe? Or perhaps navy puffers work so well I should just add another one to the stable?

(I have a gift card I'm hoping to use, so for the moment I'm not looking at other puffer options, just want to see if this one works first. I'm also ordering the vest from the same line in this awesome "vintage lavender" colour so it may turn out that I keep the vest instead and look elsewhere for a coat at a later date.)