This is my least favorite time of the year! Not just for the lack of light and warmth, but due to being stuck in the office for the next couple months doing customer service.
So, to try to combat the stress, I decided to do weekly spa nights. Float spa, infrared sauna, and salt cave have been on the self care menu so far- but considering a facial too. Waiting to see if they do a Black Friday sale!
In the meantime though, I'm trying out a new routine:

Eye makeup remover- vitamin E oil
Exfoliating Cleanser- Pacifica Glow Baby (new to me). Smells kinda like a creamsicle!
Toner- witch hazel (restarted)
Mask- Tea Mi sleep mask (new to me). Smells like roses! In the mornings I sub the Trader Joes vitamin C serum and moisturizer. May readd hyaleuronic acid.
Eye serum- The Ordinary
Lash growth Serum- All Natural Face
Not expecting miracles- but I've decided I should take better care of myself!

On to hair I've been wearing wigs on days I don't go to the pool, mostly the newer Enchantress one (which I added bangs too). Unfortunately the wig cap cuts into my forehead a bit, plus I can't put it on if my hair isnt fully dry.

Enter- my new toy (the ponytail)! I love this silly thing It's a good match for my natural hair, and I can just make a bun and clip it right on top- even if my hair is still wet. It makes me feel like Ariana Grande! It is harder to brush out than the straighter wigs though, so may get a straight ponytail too, plus a clip on messy bun to change it up. Of course I can go natural too if my bio hair starts cooperating- so lots of options!