I started a separate post because i didn't want to get to off topic/ monopolize Runclara's "who gets it right" post. something nemosmom said "It seems so hard to find great quality at an affordable price" as well as general comments about quality/price relationships got me thinking.....
have our quality/price expectations become unrealistic?
a quick google search and i found the retail prices for Liz Claiborne 1986...fair to say that this was middle of the road, professional wear, designed for middle but not senior, level women. another quick google search, and i had a calculator that took 1986 prices to their equivalent today (sorry for those not in the US, all of this was based on US pricing, but i think principle would be the same)

1986 $40-$60
2019 $93.64-$140.46

1986 $50-$100
2019 $117-$234.10

1986 $80-$180
2019 $187.28-$421.38

how may of us are looking at the 2019 prices and saying, yes that's what i'd we willing to pay? or are we looking at the 1986 prices and saying yes that's what i'd be willing to pay?

i don't mean to pick on anyone or to be negative, i have been thinking on this a lot lately, and am interested in your thoughts and opinions.


(and just as an FYI, even in 1986 to get these retails they were already manufacturing most of the goods in Asia)