I've been remiss as a community member . . . it is a long story with an OT thread, but either way I need to apologize.

Before May comes and goes I need to begin figuring out what additions I'd like to make to my wardrobe this summer.

I only added a few pieces last year and then got buy with some new tees under light jackets.

Right now I have the following pieces: see finds below; not pictured are a pair of grey melange nike-flex-style sneakers that are on their second year, a black poly crepe tee/blouse, and blue scoop neck rayon tee with a zipper up the back.

I'm sick of rayon knits because of the fuzzing and piling issues, but also had my inexpensive cottons from last year pill (t-shirts and undies, something I've never had happen before, and cotton flannels) and the lining of my army jacket and my winter "shearling" lined denim jacket. The striped top, the green tee, and the blue tee not pictured are rayon. The navy skirt is also rayon.

The only unworn item is the silk blouse, purchased last fall.

The sanctuary blouse needs to be passed on to someone else because my back has spread doing additional heavy lifting at work that I wasn't doing when I purchased it and now it pulls in certain positions.

The white tencel button down and black poly crossover blouse will NOT work into high summer. The other button downs are too dressy/crisp/high maintenance for everyday at work, but they are an option for presentations, etc.

I'd like to add some non-jean pants/skirts/crops. Shorts are a no-no at work.

I also need to increase shoes and tops. Work is closed-toe and heel only, and I've got two pairs of leather thong sandals for weekends.