As some of you may have read, the Navy Boden skirt I ordered didn’t work, so I got this black BR one instead. I hope to wear it to a somewhat dressy event on May 15 at a museum. These Earth sandals that Angie recommended were ones I already had my eye, and I like them a lot! That should work well for me in the museum, which has marble floors

I intended to do an outfit lab, but honestly my un-hung mirror situation is so challenging that I just pick the best one and went down to the lobby to take an extra picture. I tried a bunch of other different types of shells, tucked in untucked, but none of them seem to work. I always have trouble tucking things into skirts and pants because I have a very short waist. And then the extra fabric usually clings to my belly. I’m better now about ordering petites, but sometimes things don’t come in petite and some of my tops I want to be long anyway.

Anyhow, the top I happen to have on in dressing room (black white for and light blue) plus this black and white peplum one seem to work the best to my eye. The top from the dressing room was the only one that tucked pretty well, probably because it billowed out a bit.

Anyway, I’m starting to be afraid that the skirt is much to chic and cool for me. ( I think cute is more my wheel house than chic.) I guess that could just be the fact that I haven’t been buying tops with this kind of outfit in mind?

But I’ve fallen in love with the skirt and would like to make it work somehow. I won’t subject you to the terrible pictures in my terrible mirror, which makes it all look worse. I just want a sense from these pictures if you all think I’m on the right track with these shapes of top, since you all have been so helpful with me figuring out my winter dressy the items. I can try on more things tomorrow after I’ve gotten my husband either take some pictures for me or help me hang the mirror (he’s out now or else I’d have already enlisted him.)

On a side note, I also got these black Naturalizer heels for a black tie optional wedding, also in May. I don’t want to wear them for my other event on the 15th, because I don’t think I can wear real heels in the museum.The black ones are fun and glittery and very comfortable, for heels. I mention them in case anyone else with fussy feet is looking for heels. They also come in other colors.

Pics are all out of order! Sorry!

ETA: I got these silver slides to wear. But the weather is supposed to be thunderstorms tomorrow, and I can't possibly wear those shoes, or anything else dressy enough, to or from the museum. (It's unlikely I'll be able to take cabs both ways in that weather. Can't rely on finding them.) Sigh. Looks like I'll be checking a bag with sneakers at the coat check. I've posted finds for the final outfit I plan to wear, along with my trench coat, since I guess I'll need it. It will at least be warm.

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