Do any of you have these boots? I'm trying them and love the comfort, but I wish they had a zipper so you didn't have to lace and unlace them every time you put them on or take them off.

That said, I tried them on anyway, and they lace easier than other lace-up styles I've experienced --the laces slip through the grommets pretty easily, which helps it go quickly. And it's nice that they can be adjusted for varying fits depending on whether they're being worn with tights, jeans, etc.

What has your experience been with these, if any? And how do you think they look for me?

Sorry, pics before going out for a run, so not styled, but you can see how they would fit with something like the skirted leggings here.

Pics 4-5 are my existing "foul weather" boots. Ugg moto boots and Aquitalia booties. Nothing tall in my closet for this purpose except the convertible Ugg Cortonas, which are not proper foul-weather boots and I'd rather not mess them up too much.

Opinions welcome!

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