The 90s, and especially the early 90s, was not a good time for me. Not a good time.

And yet, the early 90s was an undeniably fun fashion time Maybe I remember it well because that period was a watershed moment for me.

Also, life events aside, it doesn’t seem like much was going on in fashion that was very interesting. At least compared to the 80s, the 90s was quite boring. Except for grunge, which again, was pretty fun.

I can relate to the idea of how you view the fashion of a period of time through the lens of your own life at that time. The 90's really meant nothing to me fashion -wise. Relatively newly-married, I was going through a series of jobs I didn't like, and was in the throes of a yet-to-be diagnosed depression . I got pregnant in '96 and entered an even more difficult stage in life - physically and emotionally. Clothes were not even on my radar. I too lost my father at the end of that decade, which utterly devastated me . Give me the 60's and 70's any day of the week, please and thank you .

I loved the early 90's. I was in my early twenties, living in New Orleans, and had no money but had a ton of fun anyway. I had two apron dresses that I wore with combat boots even in 90 degrees and high humidity. Also, denim everything: shorts, dresses, shirts, jumpers. My favorite jeans were Z. Cavaricci jeans soft acid wash with a V front. I will pass on many of these looks this time around but am enjoying watching my teenage sons embrace it, including acid wash jeans.

Another one who had too much on my plate to care about fashion in ‘90. Going trough many personal tragedies, loosing close family members, almost dying myself, escaping from war etc. Don’t even want to think about early ‘90.

One thing I adored about 90s fashion was the prevalence of bias-cut skirts in satin-y fabric. (I didn't love the dress versions with spaghetti straps -- only the skirts). That Zara leopard print, bias-cut skirt is right up my alley.

Angie, how is the sizing for things from & Other Stories? Similar to COS? I love the cord blazer and matching trousers...

LOL even the phrase “pleated jeans” makes me shudder!

One of my favorite things about the 90’s was the longer length blazers !
Whether they be double breasted or single , I loved the sleek fit .

They are still a staple in my closet today, of course without the giant shoulder pads . The BIG hair countered those wide shoulders and I had SUPER big funny ! such a fun fashion time for me .

I love the 90's. Personally, I think the 90's were a turning for fashion and could go on and on about it. I won't. I'll just say I love the changes I've seen.

My favourite fashion trends of the 90s were Docs, the beautiful 30s influenced bias cut midi skirts (or gored skirts) as seen above, and waistcoats.

Thanks for sharing, ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your funny and heart felt responses. I understand and empathize with the good and bad associations of a decade, which vary across people.

La Ped, & Other Stories runs smaller than COS.

I very proudly wear acid wash and do I will proudly wear pleated jeans too. I am very sentimental about fashion eras - I guess I am in the minority but know that Laura is on my team. I will wear anything that gives me a happy feeling from the '60s, '70s and '80s.

I'm high fiving Smittie, and Suz.

I had a hard time in the '80s emotionally - but it's my BEST and favourite fashion era, and I enjoyed fashion enormously. The '80s changed the world...and we continue to ride the crest of the wave.

I had a very good time in the '90s emotionally, physically, and my career took off. But it was the worst fashion era for me personally. All my worst fashion memories are from the '90s. So the '90s are my least favourite fashion look, although there was great music like the '80s. That said, I like EARLY '90s fashion, I love '90s Docs, and all the stuff stolen from the '70s like midis.

I’m going to stand up for the early-mid 90s as a great time to come of age as a young woman in that some of the most popular looks were very comfortable, practical, and even tough. I went to clubs in docs and flannel or striped tee shirts and sneakers, dressed very similarly to the young guys around me, and I was considered cool and attractive! When I look at the often very made-up and overly feminized and sexualized look of today, I’m saddened. I do know very strong feminist young women who wear the look happily, so I understand I have my own bias in my reactions. But it’s so not me, and I’m glad it wasn’t such an influence when I was young.

These are some fun looks, I’m sure I wore a version of #1 a lot, although not sure what shoes. I can’t really pinpoint a favorite era though. It seems like I have always been one to pick and choose certain things I like instead of going all out with a look.

"I’m going to stand up for the early-mid 90s as a great time to come of age as a young woman in that some of the most popular looks were very comfortable, practical, and even tough. I went to clubs in docs and flannel or striped tee shirts and sneakers, dressed very similarly to the young guys around me, and I was considered cool and attractive! "

Yes, that is part of the reason I love the 90's. That decade was the beginning of women's freedom to define themselves. You could dress in what was previously considered guy clothing and it was not only acceptable, but attractive. It also let women be more feminine if they wanted to. The power suit was eliminated for softer looks. Women were no longer required to dress like men to compete with them.

I don't think it was an accident that this was the time that CK1 was released. Lines were to be blurred and rules weren't just being broken, but completely thrown out.

Wait is this why I am always drawn to those bib top jumpers? I get my 90s a bit mixed up - 80s is much more distinct in my mind. I was wearing bootcuts, that is all I remember! Oh, and Elaine and her ditsy dresses and combat boots. I loved that!

Hmmm... Well it WAS an improvement on the '80s.

Nodding along with Jules and Wendy.

Interesting to think about the relationship between my life and my feelings about the fashion at the time. I love the fashion and music of the 60s and 70s. Hard to beat that IMHO. I can't say it was the best time of my life though. There was lots of good music from the 80s and certainly, I found some fashion to enjoy. My life was up and down.
The 90s were a good time for me. My career was at a high, I got married, we bought a house and spent the 90s fixing it up. And the best thing was we got our first Samoyed!!!! My beloved Tasha who I still miss to this day.
December 31, 1999, my husband died. So that put the start of the 00s in a place.

Jules & wendy, good point. I have to add that the '80s were as androgynous and unisex. Gals dressed like the male New Romantics, and so did I. The men wore make-up and nail polish like the gals. Gals broadened their shoulders like men. That's when I think gender-fluidity became a acceptable in fashion.

Style Fan, you have been through a lot. ((((HUGS)))

Hmm. I can't say I really care for any of this, not now, and not then. I was pretty young for part of the decade, too. Very few of these items are cut to fit my body. They don't look right, and don't feel right. And some of them are stereotypes of a demographic that I am in. I don't enjoy people assuming that I wear it when they hear where I went to school. I'm PROUD of it, and it doesn't follow that I wear clothes 20-30 years out of date. But people assume that, even when the clothes come back in style. I wouldn't have shared that, except that other people on this thread are being very honest and open about their reactions.

I will say, I did have a navy bodysuit and mini-length bitsy floral strappy dress. I wore them with leggings and short lace up boots. I guess it looked pretty good, but I honestly wasn't too much into fashion then!

Angie, I agree. But, I think it was different in the 80's. For me, personally, everything in the 80's was so exaggerated. Everything was about excess. So it followed that fashion was overly exaggerated. It wasn't about you defining yourself for yourself, but the image you portrayed to everyone else.

But, that is my experience and how I see that decade. Others may have seen it differently.

I can relate to lisap, anchie and others. I don't even remember the 90's, hahaha. I was in grad school (2 grad degrees within 5 years), married in 1994, first child in 1996 and launched my career. So needless to say I have absolutely NO idea what the fashion was back then. However, when I look at it in posts or television shows I didn't watch in the 90's I am content and feel like I didn't miss out on anything. Like Angie the 80's were my era ;-). As for fashion I love the art deco of the 20's, the pants and blouses of the 40's and the structured dresses of the 50's. I will observe the 90's reemergence from my couch

I'm so sorry Style Fan
Personally I have zero nostalgia for any prior period of life. There was good, and not so good, but I hope the best is yet to come! I don't really want to see fashion circling round the same things over and over either. Feeling pretty meh-been there, done that-about a lot of it.