I love the high-waisted look on you! So flattering!

Great look! I love the skirt on you. I actually have a similar high-waisted, midi length skirt (except mine is brown) that I should try wearing again.

You're a stunner in this outfit and I hope your lunch was delightful. I haven't been on in a long while and may I say your makeup is gorgeous in these photos (love the blush, foundation and lippie...and all of it, really...so pretty!).

Also, funny, how you won the pilling comparison contest with your DH.

Gorgeous shade of blue on you !

I really love the sweater, and the outfit looks great. Blue looks so good on you.

Your look fab in this. Gorgeous colors. I continue to adore that sweater and am always happy to see it! I’ve been on a cashmere kick recently (it is a “comfort food” for my closet in a tumultuous world) so I’m very interested in learning about quality.

Thank you all for the kind comments. You know, I really am a bit short waisted and this skirt does emphasize the fact, but somehow the length helps to mitigate or soften that effect or simply make it a non-issue. I guess my figure loves the leg lengthening so much that other factors don't weigh as heavily. I did wear this style well in the 80s.

Karen, I wish I had the magic answer about cashmere quality. The sad truth is, that while sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you don't! And it can be awfully difficult to tell in advance. Newer cashmere seems nothing compared to the old stuff. I have a sweater of DH's that is literally more than 40 years old and still fantastic. It's very heavy and hot, however.

Thanks, Vicki. Haven't changed the makeup routine at all -- it is probably a combo of the colours and the light making it look that way.
I literally wear the same colours and same products for YEARS. I have zero interest in makeup except for creating a bit more definition and polish so once I find something I like, I stick with it until they stop producing it.

Cardiff Girl -- I am wearing my regular size. Didn't need to go up. The sweater is not super thick but is of course thicker than a shirt or tee.

Lisa P -- there's a slit in the back of the skirt so I can walk.

Angie -- yes, I plan to wear the skirt cross seasonally so different footwear can come into play. Some options...

This could also be great as a pant for you if Boden produces one...

Great outfit and beautiful skirt. I think it will work hard in your wardrobe, I can see so many possibilities.

Love your beautiful blue outfit. The skirt as well as the sweater look kind of unique. You look happy and adorable.

It looks awesome! Really pretty and you look tall in it.

This looks so good on you. I have that same sweater and was thinking of taking it to consignment as it's a little larger on me than it was when I bought it, so haven't been wearing much. But now ... maybe I should stay with it!

Fab outfit! I love seeing your remix with the Equipment sweater. You look beautiful!

That is a cool sweater, and you definitely look tall! Love the blue boots too

As always you look fab. The skirt seems as though it will become a workhorse for you as it can be worn all year round !

Suz, this looks really super.

I have looked at the skirt a couple of times. \i like the waist detailing. I wondered how much it creased, or hopefully didn't?

Jane, the skirt arrived a bit creased in the bag. But it doesn't crease on wearing at all that I could tell, which is very nice. It is lined.