I was killing time today while being the family taxi driver. It didn't make sense to go home, so after a Target run, I stopped at Nordstrom Rack. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, although I'm really in need of spring and summer tops. I came away empty handed - I need the winter clearance to go away and see the early spring stuff.

1) A lot of premium denim brands don't seem to fit my body type very well. I tried on a bunch of denim in brands I don't have (Paige, Mothers, AG). They were universally meh on me. It's not an issue of size. It's an issue of proportion.

2) I'm tired of skinny jeans that are tight on my calves. And I like my calves. I just want looser bottoms when it's hot, which is most of the time for me.

3) A lot of knit tops seem sooo thin and cheap. They look like they will pill in moments. Where are the cotton tops these days?

I'm crossing my fingers I'll find some short sleeve spring/summer tops knit and wovens in the next couple months. Since I wear them all year long (it's in the 70s right now), I would buy 10-15 tops if I could find them. I've recently demoted several of my favorite tees to exercise (walking) tops. I want the tops to be special in some way - flattering cut, subtle details, fun print etc.