I mentioned I'd been shopping sustainable brands first this year and several of you expressed interest in seeing the list I've tried, so here it is! One thing to note... I wear a size US 16-18, so unless a brand carries this size or is a good source for shoes/accessories, it doesn't make my list.

Brands I own pieces from:

All Birds - Sneakers and slip-ons. I'm on my third pair of AllBirds runners. My husband has a pair of the loafers. We both love them.

Amour Vert - Natural and sustainable fiber clothing. Jury is still out for me on Amour Vert. They use a lot of tencel and modal, which aren't my favorites, but the modal top I have from them has held up well for a year and a half so far. I'd like to try their silk, but patterns sell out fast, especially in larger sizes.

Bed Stu - Responsibly-sourced leather shoes. I've bought both boots and sandals from this company and both became instant favorites.

Brass Clothing - Mix and match essentials. I bought a pair of ponte pants from here and really like them. No data yet on how they'll hold up, but they went into immediate rotation and are a nice, thick fabric.

Eileen Fisher - Natural and sustainable fiber clothing. Widely available. I've had the best luck using Eileen Fisher for foundational pieces like a linen shell or a tank dress. Lot of other forum members wear their shoes, but they haven't worked for my feet. My experience has been that fabric quality can vary widely. The good pieces are great. Oh, and you can return your worn-out EF pieces to the store of by mail for a $5 gift card.

Elizabeth Suzann - Natural fiber clothing. I put off ordering from here for years because I was afraid of the store-credit-only return policy. When I finally did order, I emailed customer support my measurements and they were quick to respond with the best size for the piece I was considering. The resulting dress has been an all-star in my wardrobe. Just in the past two days, I wore it to a steakhouse dinner, to Disneyland, and as a pool cover-up.

Naadam - Sustainable cashmere. I haven't put my sweater through its paces yet, but other forum members have also bought from them and been impressed.

Nisolo - Shoes and leather goods. I bought a pair of sandals from here that have been great, but again, haven't yet been worn more than a dozen or so times. Nisolo's sizing can run small and narrow, so not all their shoes have worked for my average-width, size 10 feet. Some styles say (accurately) to size up, and that wasn't possible for me.

Reformation - Trendy clothing. Reformation is sold at Nordstrom in limited styles and sizes. They have a larger plus-sized range on their own site. This is where my leopard skirt came from, and it's great to have a sustainable option that's not the more common avant-garde, artsy look.

Sevilla Smith - Handmade shoes. My Sevilla Smith shoes were lovely, but never quite molded to my feet the way I'd hoped. You have to be good with hard (non-flexible) soles and no arch support. I wore them over thirty times and then sold them while they still looked great. They kept a significant resale value, which made the purchase worth it to me.

Universal Standard - Essentials with a twist. I've been incredibly happy with my US jeans. Maybe the best-fitting jeans I've ever owned.

I'll be back with some brands I've had my eye on but haven't yet tried.