Just thought I'd share what I've found...it's been an order heavy month. A lot of my summer tops from two years ago have worn down enough to have to be demoted to lounge wear and some other things I've just gotten tired of, so there was definite need to rebuild my work wardrobe (business casual, emphasis on the casual especially in the summer months). Here's what I'm keeping...several are duplicates:

  • I love the NYDJ tops...the print one is little apples! They are polyester so I hope they are tolerable...good quality polyester at least.
  • J Jill T shirts...I think they look better IRL. This style without a shoulder seam is nice for my IT shape.
  • Well, I hope I wear this skirt. Comfy and cool but I usually have trouble with skirt-top proportions. And shoe issues of course. Probably some posts coming.
  • Update on the Azrita T's. The Willfred one, which I got in olive, is great. No shrinking.
  • The blue one I've decided is too low for work, so it will be lounge wear. That's okay.
  • Fail...The purple one shrank. They had given me a price adjustment so it was final sale, so this one is a loss.
  • The grey on is perfect. Washes well and very cool.
  • Comfy Athleta pants, hoping they will do well.
  • Pleione wrap top because last year's was a workhorse and still going strong. Love this print, worn it several times already.
  • Fun for my dance capsule.
  • A just in case dress that I really hope I get to wear.

Okay, not bad at all. I would still buy any top that works for me, as that is an always need. The search for a tencil denim dress is not getting anywhere...they are all too thick and hot. I have a linen dress on backorder at Garnet Hill and maybe that will work. So that's my summery shopping summary.