I completely agree with Angie and others that Banana Republic offerings are great this spring. I have already bought (and keeping) some items from them and I want more!
I went to the store today to return some online orders which did not work for me and could not resist to try some things on. These were my favorites and strong candidates for the future (I did not buy any today).
##1-2. Sloan fit cropped pants
I think I am going over my poison eye for cropped pants as I am thinking to add one pair for my spring / summer work capsule just to change things up.
I have tried on #1 in my size and liked how they fit a lot (for comparison Avalon fit was awful on me). This is a lot of pant as the pattern is graphic and bold so I am not sure if this is the right pair for me now...on the other hand may be fun?
#2 is much easier to wear as the pattern is very subtle. Unfortunately there was no my size in the store so I cannot say that it would fit as well as another one...it is now in my online shopping bag waiting for a discount
#3 High waisted pencil skirt
I wanted a high waisted skirt for a long time but could not find one fitting my waist and my hips in the same time (even with the weight loss I am quite curvy with 12 inch difference between my waist and hips). So I did not have high hopes but magically this one fitted in both places.
Now I have a dilemma: I have white culottes on their way to me and I think I need either a white skirt or white culottes but not both. Should I order a skirt as well and play with both culottes and skirt to see what I like more (it is also on sale today which is another tempting factor).
#4 Medallion lace top
Online picture does not convey how fab this top is! At first I passed it because of the length but then SA mentioned how she likes hers I added it to the pile for the fitting room just for the fun of it. Well, I put it on and did not want to take it off! The lace pattern is exquisitely elegant and the way it drapes on the body is superb. I liked it with the pencil skirt and with skinnies and with those patterned cropped pants...I am watching the sales now!
Wish me strength ladies - my wallet would thank you for that!:-)