I've enjoyed reading everybody's retrospectives, analyses, goals and resolutions! My own have been percolating for weeks, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and write them out until now.

My lifestyle in 2021 (and prior, for that matter!) was very outdoors-focused, and most of my wardrobe additions bore that in mind. My numbers held pretty steady compared to previous years, with about 3 dozen items coming in and 3 dozen going out. Note that I include everything -- including gear, basics, lounge/sleep, accessories, etc -- in my tally.

My feet have gone up a half size, if not a whole size, since the start of the pandemic, and my body composition has changed a bit too. I have a bit more bulk in upper arms/shoulders thanks to a combination of outdoor chores, playing with handweights, and taking up paddleboarding, so some of my coats/jackets/shirts feel a bit snug up top while fitting fine elsewhere. Meanwhile, my waist/hips are slightly leaner than in the past and that, coupled with pandemic-era size inflation, means I'm having to learn to go down at least a size if not two when I buy new pants (and more often I'm finding myself sized out of the pants I want altogether). As I replace items that aren't fitting properly, I need to remind myself to be extra critical of fit: will the pants stretch out and sag over the course of a day? Will the coat accommodate a chunky sweater? Are the boots comfortable with my thickest socks, and do they have room for a warmer (shearling or wool felt) insole?

My tolerance for cold weather seems to be ever on the decline, even as our winters get milder. I desperately need to replace a pair of winter boots that are now too small and am waiting for the sized-up pair to arrive (the Ugg Adirondacks below). I'd really like an even-warmer down parka than my current options, and am debating the two below. I will probably also add some extra silk base layers, silk liner socks, and lightweight fleece/knit liner gloves at some point this year. I have a hard time buying big-ticket items, so I've made a deal with myself that until I've resolved my parka/boots needs, I won't buy anything else.

In terms of silhouette and palette, my inclination is to keep everything as simple as possible. I'm not feeling particularly experimental, and just want clothes that can be thrown on and forgotten about. I am happy in my dark neutrals, especially black and brown, and want to focus on maintaining that foundation this year. Essentials it is! My first purchase of the year was the vintage wool vest (photo #11), found at a consignment shop while I was dropping off some other things. I couldn't resist it, and it seems like a good lodestar for my style this year. Dark neutral, utility-inspired, and warm! Images 1 - 10 are just some things that might make their way to me this year. I'm finding the colour cohesion very soothing.

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