Well we all know I'm into new silhouettes and trends - at least trying them if they appeal aesthetically.  I ordered these parachute pants from Dynamite (see pic below, no finds available  for this Cdn retailer) after seeing them on Carol and Janet.  I had zero expectations here, because I've never seen them on anyone IRL.  These were only $65 , but Dynamite (while targeting a MUCH younger customer than I ) has consistently good quality clothing .    I ordered a M, and they were hilariously big and long, and NOT flattering in the least.  I think Janet commented on how a more structured waistband made all the difference in this type of pant - these have just a stretch cord drawstring through a gigantic waist.  The length is also ridiculous. I could try an XS or S, but I can't see myself wearing these .   Next.

My other pant purchase - right after Christmas and I only made myself try them on today ( playing mind games with myself  ) is the Maeve Collette in ponte from Anthro. ( finds not working on either Safari or Chrome) I love this style  and have it in a soft rusty red cotton blend from 3 or so years ago . Olive is a no-brainer for me and I don't have any olive bottoms other than an old pair of Sanctuary cotton cargo joggers.  These are much more olive in colour than the photo would suggest.   A couple of things are nagging at me: styling, footwear, fit, and the bizarre pocket placement vis a vis front and back.

1. styling and fit  - they are not exactly loose fitting, which is dismaying. I bought a 30, expecting them to be loose and to hang lower on my hips, but nope, snug as a bug around my abdomen which provides a horrific side view. Not tight, just snug (they are stretchy so it's all fine, but I suppose I could size up but might be out of luck since so much time has passed - oops)  so no tucking (French or otherwise) or cropped tops will work here. What would I wear them with in terms of a top?

2.  footwear - they are longer than I remembered, which is good, and means that boots work well for winter and a sandal or sneaker will be fine for the other 3 seasons. But what colour of boots? Black seems so utterly boring and then limits me to black/black print tops.  Cream? Don't own any because I CAN"T FIND ANY!!

3. bizarre pocket placement which is bugging me - the back pockets are lower the the front pockets (both patch style) and this doesn't make sense. From the side it looks odd. Am I fussing over nothing .  Do the faux leather ones have this? ( I know a few of you have these) 

4. And then there's the price: they are $140  Cdn , which isn't a fortune but it's not exactly cheap either. For those of you in the US, our $ doesn't go as far as yours, so we dont get as much for that kind of money . Do I keep something this $$  that I have so many issues with?  LOL.  

And then, then , then.....do I even need these?  They weren't on any list I've made, I haven't lain awake at night wishing I had olive ponte pants, and don't go out often enough to need more pants.  

All helpful thoughts welcome.  

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