What ChristelJ said. Sometimes those can be the best souvenirs.

Glad you are keeping the sweatshirt and the tank, as those are cool pieces and great on you. I am sure a better sweater will come along.

Well I actually love all three, but you have a great sense of your own style, so if 1 is a no go, then that's that. Please keep the two black pieces though ... They would undoubtedly be workhorses for you and they are just so good on you!

More love for the pieces you are keeping. I hope just the right piece comes along. I remember the beach in California being cold and very windy. You will need some protection from wind. The boat trip to Santa Catalina Island is also windy and can be cold.

Joy, so interesting you should say that because the pieces I'm bringing (flannel and puffer) are exactly what I wore when we took the boat to Catalina last January (2020)! That wasn't all that cold compared to whale watching that February, where I wore my wool sweater with my puffer vest and a scarf (see photo). Even heading north, I think July will be much better!

Thanks to all of you who have confirmed my choices. I popped the Vetta sweatshirt over a linen dress yesterday just to see if it worked, and it was great. I'll be all set for cool mornings/evenings when this heatwave ends.

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Your whale-watching outfit looks great, and your smile looks even greater.

Love the bat-wing sweater and tee! Great finds even if they were not what you were looking for.
BTW I searched through my back-ups and could not find the files from my Hwy 1 trip. Bummer.
I hope you have a fabulous trip.

No worries, Lynn! On your suggestion, we worked both Crater Lake and Lassen into the return leg of our trip. More national parks to experience!

The first one is really your color. The neckline does look completely different in their picture. That’s too bad. I’m glad you’re keeping the one you love even if it’s not exactly what you were looking for.

Okay, I saw you in the hat, vest, etc. and I thought I need to move there stat. I am so sick of this heat! But I see you’re in the heat wave, too.

Re sweatshirts: I needed something for the pandemic and I might have bought too many hoodies. I probably don’t need any for a couple years…