Well fabbers it’s been a huge wardrobe week.
I’ve passed on 4 sweaters and my everyday leather bag due to old age. Theirs, not mine ;).
I purchased:
1) replacement everyday leather bag, Beautiful piece. Must look for a find a bit later.
2) 2 neutral tops: 1 navy and 1 black. I forced myself to do this because I was running low on neutral tops.
3) polka dot cropped culottes. FUN.
4) uniqlo grey merino knit short sleeve top.
5) uniqlo grey plaid midi skirt.
6) Cos yellow and grey warm wool pullover.
7) Cos black skinny jeans. I sized up so they’re slim on me not skinny.

THEN I....
1) polished all my shoes and leather bags.
2) did a massive outfit creation session.
3) ironed everything in the ironing basket.
4) pulled my winter coats out ready to wear. Packed away my high summer things.

5) bought some superglue and glued the bow back onto my bow-toe ballet flats.

Phew. A big job in all but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
One insight that come to me is I’m going to embrace black and other neutrals a little more this winter, as well as layering pullovers under chunky cardis or light jackets. This will enable me to reserve my puffers for TRUE winter only... and not the shoulder seasons.

Thanks for reading gang, I will upload some finds and outfit pics ASAP

Ooh here's one of the tops. https://www.davidlawrence.com......5/?clr=INK

and the polka dot culottes


Plus the Uniqlo skirt I have is in a slightly darker grey colourway than the Find, and the merino top is identical but short sleeved.