Hi all…
Two ideas today. One: I am a self diagnosed “soft summer” in the seasonal colour analysis system. Well… we know that’s a rabbit hole, but sometimes I like to use it, just for fun although I’m not a total believer.
Theoretically this outfit should suit me to a tee, according to the system… it probably sits on the borderline between soft summer and soft autumn, but I’m not 100% sure it’s working, for my skin tone, colour-wise. I feel like it’s decent enough, but probably no more so than any other well balanced colour/pattern combination, even from another, theoretically “unsuitable” seasonal palette. In fact I have posted pics 4 and 5, from the “bright winter” palette to compare. I can see in pic 4 the colours are making my face appear very pale, but I feel like number 5 is working.
I can only conclude that because my eyebrows are dark, and my hair has a dark ashy brown undertone, that somehow I need a little more contrast than what a soft summer typically would?
Perhaps it’s just that I prefer something with a little more punch and playfulness.
Anyway it’s very fascinating to play around with!
Maybe someday I will put together four different outfits, one in each of the colour seasons, and post them here for interpretation. Could be interesting.
Also, I decided to surrender the waist today, these jeans are quite high waisted, but this top is a loose-fit wrap, so I let it hang out.
Sometimes I almost think the top is too large… but it is nice in warmer weather to have something loose and flowy.
Any comment or critique always appreciated

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