Don’t forget to edit and refresh your basics!

My regular editing for fit has slowed down as I reached my goal weight, but I recently realized that I have completely ignored editing my basics (excepting bras). Yesterday I tackled my underwear drawer that had sizes ranging from XL to small! Threw out all but my current size, including tights that are too big and socks with holes (embarrassing!). Only one pair of fitting pj’s/loungewear. It made me realize that I need to refresh my basics for fall/winter. My mom will be visiting this weekend and I know we’ll be shopping :). Will add undies, tights and pj’s to my shopping list. Two new bras already on order from ThirdLove. Not exciting but essential.

Will share my fall clothing update next week after my shopping trip with mom and the last of my online purchases arrive. As a teaser (and because I’m not sharing pics of the undies and socks I tossed!), here’s the tweed moto jacket that will be a core element of my fall wardrobe. It’s colors have all my core palette. A moto jacket was a HEWI for my fall list. I’ve worn it twice already this week. I might make it three times tomorrow.