Many of my pants are ankle length, and in my region's very chilly fall and winter I like to "close the gap" at my ankle with socks when I wear them with booties or loafers.

I'm trying to select socks/hosiery, since they are exposed in this configuration. So far it's not that cold so this isn't a pressing issue and I can wear no-show socks, but I'll need more coverage when the temps drop.

Any tips to guide sock selection strategies? Should I be matching or contrasting socks... with the shoe or with the pant? I can fall back on "nude for me" shades to create the same effect as seeing the gap as if I weren't wearing socks/hosiery, but the coordination vs. contrast part stymies me. I feel like this is a logic puzzle that I just can't crack... Thanks for entertaining my silly sock dilemma!

(Finds below... the black booties are getting returned but I'll replace them with something similar)