I could do an accessory, but that’s about it. Fun to look at, though!

I am finding all that mustard surprisingly cheery - the new orange as someone said above. Or perhaps it just looks that way because it is in a Dutch store!

I was thinking the same thing as Jaime: I find it very cheery!-)
And mustard really was everywhere in Arnhem, wasn't it! Love it!

I love that mustard is the new purple! LOL. I'm not even sure what that means but it sounds great.

I really love the potential for this color as an accent. It was the Boden colorblock dress that started it, and then seeing Umlilla and her golden finds. I've ordered some mustard Boden pants and hope they work - I think the color will be wonderful with all my navy and gray.

Intentionally Blank has some amazing mustard booties. Someone other than me should get them.

I love how they have combined and styled all the mustard in these photos... so nice to see a change.

Not a colour I can wear at all, but a good friend of mine can. In fact, she's been looking for it for a while. She'll be happy if mustard makes retail in North America. I forwarded your blog yesterday to her, and she already ordered a couple of pieces.

It’s not my colour, but I’d love to stroll through those shops. The clothes look stylish but sensible, and bike-friendly no less.

Beautiful displays. I would love to go shopping there. The independent boutique in my town has mustard in the window. This is going to be a great season.

I noticed it in Rotterdam a few days ago. People were wearing it. It was still hot, so I thought people were ready for autumn. On me it doesn't look so good, maybe I need to try different shades. But I have an old pair of mustard gloves that I love.

True to form I love the sneakers best I’m a fan of mustard, it’s my yellow. My almost-teenager chose a mustard backpack for back to school and we both love how it goes with her navy coats. I also love it with dark denim.
I am just loving the fall trends in general this year.

I also like mustard combined with raspberry. Similar to the comments on using it like orange.

Hmm... Maybe...

While on vacation this month, I noticed it's very prevalent in Bavaria too. Zara seemed to have the largest concentration but the other stores all highlighted some mustard. It's not a good color for me, so I'll pass on this trend.

This is amazing. Who would have thought this color would be so popular?

I saw it in Denmark too, although personally I would much rather wear ketchup.

I can see my lemming tendency emerging. Just when I was quite certain that mustard is not for me, this post has me doubting my resolve......