I have tried on so many pants and jeans recently and haven’t bought a thing, So I’d like to know what your most flattering pants and jeans are.

Background: After retiring I did a big closet purge. Many things were too small after a weight gain and not right for my casual lifestyle. I was left with two pairs of blue jeans (now too big) way too many leggings, at-home joggers, and no regular pants or trousers.

Now, after a 25-pound weight loss, my wish list is one pair of blue jeans, one pair of white jeans, and two pairs of pants (one all-purpose black). I’d like to take the white jeans and black pants on a Caribbean cruise we are reluctantly doing with my siblings in March. Think I’ll wear them with dressy tops and sandals at night.

I’m struggling because I’m picky and self-critical, which I’m working on. My body has also changed with age and after the weight gain. I have no waist, and am self-conscious about my lower belly between the belly button and basically where my legs begin. It’s my most challenging area to fit and flatter. I am tall, with long legs, but can sometimes wear regular sizes, depending. I prefer a more fitted and tailored look — still adjusting to wider legs.

So, back to my question: what are your most flattering jeans and pants, or what might you recommend I try next? (Will also check out the relevant link in today’s blog!)