I don't mind an elegant snip toe-- not a super fan of the square toe, and didn't much care for it when it was popular last.

I haven't quit liking square toes (all the variations), and I've never been able to wear pointy toes. But this does make me laugh, when I just returned square-toed boots and bought round-toed ones.

Square toes are usually comfortable for my feet so I welcome their return, but want them to be on the refined side.

My toes are square (first three identical in height, the 4th nearly as long), so I've always loved a refined square toe. I find they make my slightly wide 91/2 feet look slightly smaller.

Angie: How do you feel about snipped squares with wide leg trousers?

I'm actually excited about this as I really like the look of square toes. Plus they are easier on my fussy feet.

These snipped toes look so much better than the squared toes of several (how many????) years ago. Like a new take on a previous style. My actual toes are quite square so I need to explore this idea!

I like squared toed shoes although my feet look almond shaped. My Fryes are snipped toed I think. They are 10 years old. I still love them.

I don't care much for wide square toes (or round stubby toes, either,) but a slender snipped toe on a sling-backed heel is my idea of shoe elegance. I still remember a pair of Roger Viviers I saw in deep red suede, shown on a Winter bride in a long-skirted ivory wool suit, carrying a sheaf of dark red roses: stunning.

Snipped toes make me twitchy and I'm not a huge fan of square toes. That said, I did keep a pair of mod color-blocked Kate Spade pumps that I'd be thrilled to pull out of my closet again!

These make me feel so matronly I might be sitting this out, but never say never.

On the fence...

I think my favourite is an almond toe..although my heart is with sandals;)

I used to love the square toe back in the day and did find it comfortable whereas a true pointy toe can cause me some issues.

I love the shape and Angie the shoes you bought in London are beautiful.

This post makes me want to cry. My mom loved square toed shoes. If only this had been on trend a few years ago. For about five years I took her shopping every birthday and Christmas, trying to buy her a nice pair of short boots or shoes -- something she could walk in easily -- but she couldn't find anything she liked because all she wanted were square toes. She never liked round or pointy toes. Now the trend has finally come back, but she can't wear shoes anymore.

Oh I like the idea of a different foot option, for too long all I've seen on flats are rounded toe ballet flats.