Sneakers presenting problems--so many but can't find what I want.
In my old lifestyle it was easy-hikers, trail runners, white court for pickleball that doubled as fashion sneakers, a couple of old walking/running for agility. Now I have 2 waterproof 1 red and1 black , high top waterproof for winter and even snow.,.old ones for dog beach sand and double for dirt dog stuff..
Now I want a pair of white leather fashion sneakers..very easy to find, but too many choices. Problem lies in finding some sort of multi purpose ones. Need to be neutral to go with different color capsules.Need to be able to wear all day, lots of walking, not have white soles to look cleaner, leather< not cloth or mesh or such, as I need to be able to keep them cleaner looking. I am needing something to pack without having to take a whole extra bag full of shoes.
Who designs these anyhow-so many with little patches of colors like purple, green, ect????