Yay! Angie, thank you for a wonderful collection of holiday party dressing options. It's about time retailers understand that warmth, comfort and festive style are not mutually exclusive.

Angie-Thank-you I can’t wait to look at the whole collection.
I have a confession. I saw that blazer in the store and dismissed it as tacky on the hanger. Now that I have seen a picture of it on a person and your recommendation I am going to try it.

I love the sneakers. I wish I could get over my aversion to white shoes. I may try them too.

Send all the strappy sleeveless sparkly stuff down under for our summer holiday season

So. Much. FUN!!

Love the holiday season!

I'm not at all sure what I might need/want this season -- good to get a prod to think it through! I do have a holiday party or two in December.

Love all the pretty things! My holiday events tend to be very casual but I do love seeing all the glitzy stuff this time of year.

Such pretty things! Love that gold jacket and wish I needed some bling this year but I don't. Boo!

So fun to see these very elegant and festive outfits. I have two dressy Christmas events to attend, which is great because I enjoy wearing the items in my dressy capsule.

Thanks for the sneak peak! I've got a lot of holiday things and even ordered more but probably have very little need this year, as I'll be in Asia from the day before Thanksgiving until Dec 8... Everythign I ordered can be dressed down (not all of this will end up working on me--so far have worn the tartan pants and purple metallic sweater, and had to re-order the Boden sweater in a smaller size). I wish I had a need for the black dress and gold blazer!

I also saw some of the new Blair Eadie items in the store this weekend, though they're only dropping online today. They're nice if anyone is interested, though they skew dressy (barring some of the sweaters maybe).

Love seeing this collection of client purchases and my eye went right to the dotted mesh midi. I already have most of my holiday outfit which I plan to wear to five different venues; three performances and Christmas and New Years Eves. Fortunately the crowd will be different each evening so I can easily repeat my outfit. I plan to wear my midi skirt with a turtle neck sweater like the model but haven't found shoes yet. I'm considering the three pair shown below but maybe you have a better suggestion.

Oh my! Those bow sneakers are seriously adorable. I also want the glittery plaid leggings that the model is wearing.

I got the red velvet pants and I really like them! I just need to be bold enough to wear bright red velvet pants without saving them for dressy occasions (I admire how you can do that, Angie).

Hate to ask again but do the bow sneaks run small Angie, since you sized up?


Jenna, they don't. I didn't need to size up. They just didn't have my size in stores so I had to order them. And always feel free to ask

Yay, Christina!

bonnie, all the shoe options look dead right with that outfit.

Thank you!
Ordering now!

I'll let you know when mine get here!