I’ve been doing holiday party shopping with clients across a range of price points and dress codes recently, and the winners with their descriptions are in the collection. There is LOTS:


Some casual, some formal, and lots in-between. I’m enjoying the less severe and more playful approach to holiday dressing these days. There is more emphasis on comfort and warmth, instead of the plethora of skimpy sleeveless dresses we are used to seeing at this time of year.

Do festive and peaceful YOUR way, and it’s all good. Some items come in petite and plus, and often there's more than one colour way.

TIP: The Taylor dress & INC gold blazer looked SUBLIME together in one outfit! Took my breath away on my size US 10/12 client. See Finds. 

TIP: The DKNY sweater with both the eyelash and tulle skirt were soooo fun together too! See Finds. 

Post goes out in a few weeks, but the forum gets a heads up. Browse the options, and I let the festivities begin