Angie's post this morning made me think "if style has personality then why don't models smile?" It sent me down an internet "rabbit hole" of exploration. I found this article and thought it was interesting:

Annika Lautens explores the evolution of model moods:

 "it all began in the 1800s, when Charles Frederick Worth — the inventor of the couture salon presentation — referred to his shows as “mannequin parades.” “The ‘unsmiling model’ is the product ultimately of a European preference for a certain conformity,” she writes in an email. “The runway model is derived from the concept of the actual mannequin, so there’s a sense of blankness that fashion came to expect from these women.” [emphasis added]

Ellie Violet Bramley explores smiles sneaking on the catwalk:

I'm glad to see the pendulum has swung the other way and smiling is now "in"!