LOL....I DO look like upholstery if I wear a too big, too intense print.

Oh, yes, DV. I've heard this rule, along with rules about not wearing pockets, because they'll make my hips look bigger. Even my size 4 MIL believes this rule. I've decided that I place some value on traditional figure flattery, but my goal is not to look as small, or as skinny, as possible,

I have been working on proportion, and I do find that the scale of my body does factor into the overall proportions. On the plus side, that big tote that makes someone else look like she's run away from home with all her worldy possession looks like, well, a purse, on me! lol. I've come to realize, however, that small scale details and accessories are "close up" fashion --- pretty surprises for the people who come close enough to appreciate them. My Jerusalem cross pendant, for example, makes me happy, and I've discovered a love for small post earrings, too. I also like to layer delicate necklaces in open necklines (photo).

Your look here is gorgeous --- the small polka dot has a wonderful graphic pull in the b/w, and the layered belts are terrific. Your outfit the other day, with the soft, floaty sundress is another great example of how delicate items can sing on a curvier frame. If something attracts us, we can't let a rule keep us from the trying it in the dressing room! One of the great things about YLF is that my eye is being honed in such a positive way that I can say "this isn't for me, rather than, "I'm too big for this." I can be open to bending a rule and trust that I, perhaps with feedback from the forum, can tell what flatters and pleases me.

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I hear that little people should not wear big print - and this has kept me from many a fabulous skirt for many years.

Like with all things, I think balance is important. Big polkadots look horrific on me, so I avoid this, and large Kate-Spade stripes make me look wide. But big floral patterns I love, especially with other solid pieces.

You rock the dots!

DV I believe your excellent hand at color and proportion allows you leeway. Since you get those two aspects of dressing so well, as well as fit (and that could be the most important aspect of dressing well -- understanding good fit!) -- you can bend many, many rules and have fun in the process.

Yes, I've heard that as well as Petites not wearing large scale patterns, and I mostly agree. You, however, are superb at knowing how to dress your body and although you are wearing a small scale print, you have not veered into little girl territory in the details which can sometimes happen with little prints.

I am short with small but not delicate features. I hate, hate, hate small prints other than polka dots and stripes or other non-girly prints. My peasant features need MEDIUM size jewelry; again I feel the delicate stuff looks dumb on me.

I think the devil is in the details. That Spiegel jacket doesn't come small enough to fit me, but I know a collar that size would completely overpower me; my features simply aren't strong and defined enough.

So good to have you back after the bar exam!

Following rules is like trying to please everyone imo - it can't possibly work. If we made a list of all the rules people come up with we would see how many are in opposition

You have great style DV I'd say go with what feels like you.

I really want to read the comments but I have limited eye focus right now. DV you have such an excellent sense for proportion, color and what looks right that you can wear any scale you want successfully. I think guidelines like those (not sure about this one in particular) are of some value for people who are shooting in the dark so to speak but that is certainly not you.

Grr, where do these "rules" come from?
Day Vies, in the west of my country for a few precious months of the year the plains are covered in masses of tiny wildflowers in pink and yellow. It's not cute, it's not ditsy, it's a grand beauty.
So who tells Nature to cut out the pretty stuff?

I have been out of the house for the past 10 hours so I apologize for not sticking my head in more to comment.

I have read all of your comments and I just want to say you ladies are SO smart observant comedic and generous with your complements. I have enjoyed reading every word. Thank you SO much!

I don't hold to any hard and fast rules here, but I do think some shapes/frames are have an easier time wearing certain pieces. For example, I'm a thinnish, average height rectangular IT, where my best friend is a tall, plus sized hourglass. She can wear these amazing really chunky knits and big shawl collars and thick cuff bracelets that make me look like I'm playing dress-up in my mum's clothes. I don't think that means I can never wear a chunky knit, but it does mean it's a lot trickier for me to find a flattering cuff bracelet than it is for her. Likewise, I love empire waistlines, as I'm basically a human clothes hanger, but most of them cut her bust in half and give her the dreaded quad-boob. LOL

Regarding pattern scale, I think the cut and the fit of the garment are the deciding factor. A petite woman in a dress with a large scale pattern that maybe is also too long, or too big in some other way will definitely look like she is wearing clothes that are too big for her. Likewise with a delicate floral on a dress that's too small or too short - the effect is that you've stolen your little sister's dress. The print just makes a bad thing worse.

This rule always trips me up since I fall into the 'curvier' category. I have shied away from Liberty prints because of it even though I love them. This look definitely works on you. I guess what works is all very personal and these rules don't hold true.

Rules were meant to be broken! And Day Vies, you always look so gorgeous that you can break all the rules and still come up looking chic! Love the polka dots and the ingenious double belt.

Suz - I really appreciate what you had to say around the personality living up to the demands of one's look. I feel quite friendly with a lot of forum members and do not believe I would be surprised by the nuances of the personality behind the look because of what you said. This thought reinforces the interplay between an outfit and one's personality.

Beth Ann -- thank you for posting your pic. I have been considering layering more delicate pieces but all of mine seem to be the same length (rats!). I love the effect on you because it adds a little something special to the neckline of your sweater/cami combo. Jewelry to me (the lover of bijoux that I am!) finishes an outfit -- this goes to your point about "close up fashion". There's the wow-what's-that effect of an outfit but can it hold your attention at 3 feet?

Lyn -- I think it's interesting that there is not a floral that you won't consider with regard to size. I think you pull off your florals exceedingly well. I am not sure the same would be true with polka dots. I am thinking of your gray circle necklace.

Coco -- I am learning that is true. Your saying it crystalized the concept for me -- provided an outfit fits well and the proportions are right sky really is the limit with proportions, color, scale etc.

DonnaF - You are right it is sometimes a difficult balance to do a small scale print and not look as if you're re-living your childhood. I like to evoke "youth" but I am not interested in doing a caricature of woman dressed as child.

Lantana- that is a beautiful image.

I am familiar with this rule also Rules are meant to be broken, and who made the rules up anyway?

DV I generally don't carry small handbags for the very same reason! However I have broken free recently and bought a small cross body bag:)

You have absolutely busted this myth! Your outfit looks amazing. Fabulous proprotions... perfection in fact. I prefer guidelines to rules and think people work out what works for them

You show em!

DV, I think the top looks great on you. You have made optimum use of that belt, it accentuates your waist and cuts the top at the right length.

Coming on to the issue of small prints on (so to say) large women, I think as long as it makes one 'feel good', the purpose is served. Also, I believe that a dress (any length) having smaller prints would look better than that having gigantic prints on a not so thin person.

I think YLF! So clever layering the belts! I never would have thought of that! As for the rules, they are made to be broken.

Deborah -- yay for breaking free. My personal purse rule was always based on comfort. I prefer a smaller bags because they're more comfortable to me. If the purse didn't fit well on my shoulder I didn't buy it. I guess that means I'm more likely to buy a purse with a shoulder strap than without.

Asingh -- I agree. Something that Suz said earlier sticks in my head large prints more often than not can large prints can look like upholstery.