In the interest of accountability: my slow shop report- month 3 and prior-and a bit of planning (and probably unicorn hunting). Total 6 items in (not counting sleepwear and 1 returned blouse)- 3 January, 0 February, 3 March.
Nike trainers-workhorses already, as I only have 1 pair, and direct replacement for hot pink ones. Bought for color, and toes looked sleeker than others in pic (sadly rounder irl). Decided I need some sort of extra cushioning for running though.
Tie dye top- worn about 3x. Bought for colors, shape, and as a weekend version of a similar blouse to wear with jeans. The reality, I prefer it with skirts!
Black sheer sleeve blouse- worn 4x or so. Black tops are automatic workhorses for me for all occasions. One problem-the buttons at the neck are fussy, so I added a snap to make life easier.
2 PC dresses. Wasn't planning to shop for summer til May, but got an unexpected work bonus :)They are absolutely perfect for me in shape and coloring. Not worn yet as it's still too cold, but guaranteed workhorses.
Black sleeveless blouse- not worn yet either, but nicely fitted for flowy skirts. Guaranteed workhorse, and likely will duplicate in black or other colors.
Success rate much higher than last year, with many less pieces and much less $ spent.
Going forward needs-wants:
Hot weather sleepwear- shorts and bralette friendly tanks
Walking sandals in gold or copper-Birkie Gizeh most likely candidate so far, but hoping for dressier beaded version.
Replacement dark tie dye dress for weekends-hopefully will find at the beach.
Indoor office topper in cognac-soft and minimalist
If needed-gold or copper dressy sandal, clutch complement.
Waiting til fall-winter due to upcoming drastic life changes:
Workout leggings in black-probably Athleta.
Jeans-tulip hem and/or open side bootcuts
Ponte pants-some NYDJs on order, if available
Warm dresses-more PC + at least 1 formal work dress
Warm winter maxi coat-if still living on East Coast
Teal bootie and dressy wool coat complement, since burgundy was so successful.

Additions to list extremely likely-but trying to set priorites!

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