I’m the odd one out. The shorts are not age-inappropriate (show that sister Angie’s recent post on fashion myths), and they fit you well, but I find the skort more flattering, because the shorts make your legs look so thin.

I like them both!

I think the shorts work well. If you think you'll wear them, go for them!

I also like the idea of a soft floaty tank with them. Fashionable and cool!

Go for it! The skort is a little longer so easier to wear in public. The shorts have their place though. I have short shorts and I just turned 60! If I'm wearing short shorts, I size up and make sure they are loose around the leg, that makes them more modest in my opinion. I don't wear short shorts in public due to the hazards of bending down. The other day at the grocery store I caught a woman in her 50s bending over to unpack her cart, wearing short shorts. I could see EVERYTHING it was literally hanging out of the pants (butt cheeks and the parts in between!) and her husband caught me looking. It was a very awkward moment.